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By Mary - 1 Aug 2013

Hi Frank,

I'm glad you can inject some bit of humor at a funeral...people really do need that.  

Would love to meet you and Mary some day...just beautiful people.  I was always known more by my personality and sense of humor but no more.  I just can't bring myself, hard as I try, to laugh at anything, including myself, while this torture is going on so not only are factory farms and other types of abuse ruining animals' lives, they are probably ruining a lot of peoples' lives that care about the animals also.  

I found that somebody took down my 3 posts on FB re the natl geo undercover videos and I also noticed much activity going on on FB in my circle of friends...seems there is a beach in PR that people are dropping and leaving their dogs and a couple of dogs were found dead.  This is not good but all the fanfare over it...plane tickets to Boston for the dogs, donations, trips in and out of Logan airport and on and on.  

Well, I love ALL animals and if you do for one you do for all and the factory farm animals, who suffer in millions, are not even mentioned and I am ready to snap.  I know these people are doing all of this for the dogs to "show the world...look at me what I am doing",,,,and nobody took one minute to see any of the video that people risked their lives to take in order to let  people know what is going on in these torture chambers and I guess nobody cares...Love a dog, eat a cow...what a great mentality.  

I am guilty of doing this but there has been enough public outcry now by your site, MFA and so many others on FB and occasional news clips that people are aware and just do not care....I can honestly say that when I ate meat before, which was very little, I never, ever saw any of these things but if I had, meat would have been a thing of the past a long time ago.  

So what is a person to do now...we care, a lot do but not nearly enough to make any difference at all...I'm beginning to think that when I see that attitude people least the ones I see and talk to but I guess we just keep trying.  

I couldn't watch any of that video tonight but looking forward in seeing if any results at all were positive from anybody...MFA may post something about it....hope so.  As for supermarkets, I know..I hate giving them any money for the things I buy when they sell other things but no other for Amazon...that foie gras is just too much to way will I ever buy from them.  I know if they stopped selling it someone else would sell it but they have been warned by several people and still continue to do it.  

Sorry for bending your ear.  Will talk later and let me know if you hear anything at all about the documentary ok...I will do the same.