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By Mary - 13 Aug 2013

Thank you for writing to me Frank, and as always, you make me feel better.  

I never thought of that...the corporations with their money getting King elected...I have heard that on his FB page he gets death threats and the animal activists staged something at the Iowa state fair; I'm sure you know that.  I would never step foot in that state again.  

Yes, the people with the hard hearts can continue eating animals and sooner or later there will be a lot more focus on this I hope so  maybe when they are eating dinner a clip of a factory farm may come on..until then I just have nothing to do with them or vice versa.  

I don't try to push my opinions or feelings on anyone Frank...All I asked is if these people would only take a 2 minute look to see for themselves what is done to these animals and they just won't.  Its ok to go to Puerto Rico and pay to rescue some dogs, which are animals too and deserve love and no abuse, but factory farming is on such a huge scale and huge brutality that to me this is where the help has to start first.  Help all animals but these ones are suffering the most and then we eat them to add insult to injury.  

Well, have a good day Frank and I'll try to get some things to send to you ok.


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