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By Karolin - 26 Aug 2013

For some reason I have always caught them and taken them out. The reason I asked was that we had a big fly here at the hospital today and a couple of girls tried to kill it. They were not successful though :)
That reminds me of something that happened to me about 2 years ago.
You see, in the beginning of the summer we have lots of ear wicks and occasionally some will come into the house. When that happens I usually capture the ear wick and throw it out onto the balcony. I thought by doing so I was doing a kind and godly deed.
Well, one evening......I had a couple of glasses of red wine, another ear wick came to visit me. So I got the glass, captured the little guy and opened my balcony door and threw it out.    "Wham"....I forgot that I have double sliding doors (I opened only one door).  Too late.... the glass housing the ear wick slammed into the closed balcony glass door and it shattered in my hand. There was some blood but it looked worse than it actually was.
I was so upset and mad that I actually said out loud     "God, so here I am rescuing all of those little ear wicks and throw them out into freedom and you repay me like this?  Fine, from now on I will kill them"
The next day the same. I said ...."God, I still can't believe you let this happen while I was doing a good thing".
And so I was pondering the question why God would let this happen, even though I was doing a good thing.
About a week went by and during that time no ear wick entered my place.
Then one morning a voice in my head said    " Imagine someone would throw you out,  your body flying high in the air and then falling very hard onto the ground.  The same happens to those ear wicks that you think you rescue. They are to be put onto the ground gently"
And there I got my answer. I thought I was doing a good thing but I was doing it only half hearted
Shortly thereafter an ear wick appeared at my house but at that time I did not throw it out but gently carried it outside and put it onto the ground.   
That was really a very valuable lesson for me, I believe. I told the story to 3 or 4 people but they laughed and found it silly.

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