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By Mary - 21 Nov 2013

Hi Frank,

Just got through reading your all creatures news and am so amazed that you do not miss a single thing that is going on.  With all that you do I am in awe of how you keep track of so many things; one being those poor horses being moved off the land out west to make room for more cattle for more money for the corporations...that is the last straw..those horses were there since day one and have served people so much during the war, as transportation, everything and this is the thanks they get...also, got an email to sign a petition about angora rabbits and physically threw up as I had to open the email in order to sign the petition and there it was...this cruelty is getting so bad.  

I just wonder how anybody could skin a live, beautiful animal knowing they feel the exact pain as we would if this were happening to us...I'm sorry Frank...I just could not forgive this..I know these people have to be psychologically damaged to do this but ok, maybe I could forgive them if they were locked away so these things cannot ever happen again but until then they will continue and these animals will suffer the most horrific deaths imaginable...will never, ever be able to get it through my mind how any living person/thing could do that to another living creature and when will God say enough is enough...bad enough what is happening to the farm animals but this and the rest of these fur farms...I really hate being part of this horrific society...I read a quote the other day and I forget by whom but it said "our grandchildren or great grandchildren will one day ask in a very inquisitive, negative way "DID PEOPLE REALLY EAT ANIMALS BACK THEN" was said by a notable person and I just can't remember who...what do you think of Jeff Skoll?


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