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By Walter - 2 Dec 2013

Hi Frank and Mary!

I just read that you both have a science background so that helps a great deal.  This looks at the predicament of animals from the vantage point of the hard sciences.

Basically, since 1982 Dr. Richard Feynman has proposed that the world is a quantum computer. In 1995 the first realizable quantum computer was built. Since quantum computers exist, proving that life- or the world- is a computer is not something that is necessary! To me that is groundbreaking! I assume that the Bose Einstein condensate is the Universe's "hardware?????"

Anyhow, I have put the equation 0=U-U, where U is an Universal Turing Machine, together because it reflects what I see in the quantum computer lab and it also suggests the possibility that Computers arise from nothing! This is merely a suggestion, though. A guess. (Universal Turing Machine is a fancy description of a generalized computer, One example would be the enigma machine placed on German U boats. Another example would be the entire Internet.)

Nevertheless, I do not like the fact that life is a computer that is exceedingly difficult to reprogram! Nothing about life suggests that it is a computer, but it literally is!

The first couple of minutes of this video explain what I believe about the garden of Eden but essentially through meat eating the fall of man occurred. At that point we ALL were thrust inside a nasty supercomputer many people call "life."    :(

Anyhow to recap the world is a computer is not obvious! Neither is the assertion that computers arise from nothing!!!

Therefore this information is very, very valuable to space scientists! And a gold mine to animal lovers! :)))

It suggests that the building of a supercomputer is one key component towards the liberation of many beings. Facebook is great but is not necessarily pro animal, as an example.

(Just yesterday, I lamented how a certain animal activist had to reload thousands of videos off of to another server because some one flagged his videos. While I absolutely love him my first reaction was "what did you expect?" Can't you see what the hard sciences are telling us? We have to have our OWN supercomputer! Else we will always be subjected to the whimsical ways of the world! Therefore, your careful review of this email is exceedingly appreciated! I am not here to downgrade anyone, just making a mathematical observation!)

Since it has become obvious to me that other beings are living on other world systems and are going through a similar ordeal to us, compassion says "tell them what's up!" That is my purpose. Tell them on planet earth and tell them elsewhere!  By "tell them elsewhere" I mean transmit that equation to other world systems that may contain life within the Milky Way! Reach out and help our friends! :)

By deep contemplation of the above you will exponentially expedite the return of the Lord Jesus, I believe.

If you all feel lead to pursue more of this I would be happy to explain how I intend to transmit this equation. It is not that hard..



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