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By Tiffany - 10 Dec 2013


My name is Tiffany and within the past year, I seem to be literally driving myself crazy over the lives of animals. It all started when I adopted my dog. I had this constant fear that he would be taken or tortured. Or die alone (he is just a puppy).

Well, it's become worse in my life after seeing so many cases of tortured neglected animals. Ones who were starved, or beaten senseless by the cruel hand of man. Dog fighting, and animal torturing, barbaric nightmares you see in movies carried out on the innocent lives of loving animals who just want to love you, but it's happening in real life, and what's worse, they are getting away with these acts. I have cried myself to sleep for months. My Facebook feeds are flooded with animals needing help.

I donate all I can, volunteer, and went vegetarian which I still want to be, but started getting really sick because I didn't know what my body was missing.

I don't doubt God by any means ever, I know he loves me and know what was sacrificed for me!! I just feel I physically can't handle a world capable of such cruelty to those that can't even communicate or understand why it's happening to them.

My point is, it is controlling my life and I don't know where to turn. I'm at my wits end. I won't commit suicide or anything like that because so many lives depend on a voice to fight for them but my point is I can barely function with knowing animals are out there being tortured for food, or for such scum of the earth that want money or an animals gruesome slow painful death.

Please help if you can because I don't know what to do anymore. And no one I know seems to understand Me. My friends think I've lost it, my husband tells me to get over it and my mother, to ignore it. None of those are logical to me! What year is this should be a thing of the pay for ignorance yet its not !  :(

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