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By Walter - 11 Dec 2013


I will try to get back to you in detail but for the benefit of animals I want to say just a few quick things to aid in clarity.

You asked if I said the same thing. Yes I did. Frankly, I hate words. That is why I have taken the Scripture that I use (The Holy Megillah) and mapped it into the Hard Sciences - a language I can understand! :)

I suspect that the world being a quantum computer does support both the physical and spiritual realms:

One thing to keep in mind, please, is just because something is a computer does not make it an automaton. Some are, of course. The world itself is a computer as evidenced by the above video. That computer is much smarter than I am or will ever be! Nature is most definitely not an automaton, but is most definitely a quantum computer. Again I do not need to prove it, I can show this to you at IQC, for instance.

So yes, that is not obvious at all.  A shocker!



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