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By Joni - 17 Dec 2013

I once again cannot believe how this world is so cruel.  I find that I am pretty much alone in my stance to be a Christian vegan.  I posted on facebook today important news in regard to animals and not a single response from any friends.  They post things that are carnal and yet say they are Christian.  I posted a sentence that said:  “Have you eaten your leafy greens today?” and my Christian friend, who is a minister’s daughter, wrote one response and it was “I ate mine today with my roast beef and mashed potatoes”.  She knows my stance on animals and not eating meat.  She posted that to either upset me or to amuse herself.  I am hurt, angry and outraged.  I keep sharing about being a vegan and a Christian but not one person is getting the message. 

I feel like I do not have a friend on facebook who cares about anything of value.  I may just stop using it.  In my new town I have joined two women’s groups.  One is a Christian monthly luncheon that has a guest speaker and music special.  It is a chance to meet other Christians.  They realized I was a vegan when I only ate salad at the luncheons…so they did have the chef that cooks for this make me a vegan pasta dish.  Everyone noticed how delicious my plate of food looked in comparison to their pale and bland food.  Perhaps I can share in an effective way to these women. 

I also joined a prayer group that meets once a month.  They have a breakfast at this meeting.  I only eat the fruit that is served.  They too know I am vegan.  I hope to express to them in the right way that will make it reach them with the Christian message of being vegan.

I really pray for the Lord to return soon.  In the mean time I do what I can, but it is not enough nor is it very effective. 

I feel so sad for the animals and today realized the genocide of the elephants.  Horrible!  I want this all to end and for peace and love to be on earth.


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