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By Joni - 21 Dec 2013

I have read some of the Animal Rights Articles on and I am sickened by the insanity of humans in regard to animals.  I am so very appalled that the whole Christian community is not as upset as I am.  It is truly evil what humans are capable of in regard to these precious animals! 

I cannot imagine that these things really happen and that no person(s) or even our religious organizations or the government or the news brings any of this to light.  As long as sin dwells in the dark it grows.  Once exposed to light and is known it has to be dealt with and repented of.  What reason can you give me that NOBODY of power is saying anything in this regard of the way humans treat animals?

I am looked upon as a very odd person for being vegan and an advocate for the animals.  I am feeling very lonely.  This Christmas it will just be my husband and I together for the Holiday.  I a wonder if it is our being vegan that makes everyone not want to come to our home to have a celebration since there will not be “meat” “eggs” or “dairy” served?  I cannot go back to not being like everyone else now that my eyes are open.  I have had a Saul to Paul experience in regard to animals.  I truly feel like an outcast in this world.


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