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By Karolin - 27 Dec 2013

Hello Frank and Mary,
I hope this e-mail finds you well. I should have written you earlier but I just found myself in an awkward state of mind for the past few weeks.
Then this morning it came to me. Almost everyone who I spoke to about the animals had an open ear and even encouraging me to keep going on this path. I have the feeling that more and more people are waking up but it is still taking way to long to (as you would say) "free God's creation".
It is sad to see and hear about so much suffering and when I think about it, it pains me so much that I just cry, especially lately. I wish I did not have to feel the animals fear but I do. I wish I could make that part go away. 
I want to do more and I have been praying for God to tell me how to go about it. I feel that my calling is to speak out for the animals fulltime (you know, life circumstances, bills, etc, I can't just quit my job without knowing my direction) . 
Would you be so kind as to pray too, so that God may somehow lets me know how I can do this the best way?

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