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By Craig - 7 Feb 2014

Good afternoon Pastor Frank,

You are correct.  I should have typed Genesis 9:3-4.  I have read what you wrote, and I also read what you wrote about Genesis 8:20-22, for context.

I realize that some of what I have questioned is unable to be defined and answered with certainty.  Because the Bible is open to interpretation and conjecture, "Christians" seem to use it, or not, as they see fit, or not.

My abiding question has always been, and still is:  If God is omniscient and omnipotent, and with His knowledge and power "created" the earth, the creatures, and the plants back in the days of Genesis, why would He ever allow "Man" to change His creation for the worse; that is, in such ways that they would not be in keeping with God's will and intent?

It seems to me that God could have, and should have, "commanded" his "Man" creation thusly:  "Do what I say and honor my creation as I have created it, or I will smite you permanently from your temporary place within it."

God should never have allowed "Man" to do anything but what God wanted and should have demanded of "Man."  Once He let "Man" have his own way, instead of His own way, ALL of the creatures of God's creation have suffered grievously.

Thank you for replying.  I personally would like to "clone" you, and have your messages inserted into the Christian religious organizations throughout the land.  Because there is such a great reluctance for religious "leaders," and their "followers," to consider the positions that you espouse, I came up with the "Golden Rule" common bond as the possible means by which to most easily approach them, and "get their attention."

Unless we can instill the belief that "Man" MUST practice this morally-and-ethically-based "law" known as the "Golden Rule" as God intended it to be practiced -- as He intended back in Genesis 1:29-30 --  the animals will continue to be "sacrificed," not to God, but to "Man."

I can only ask that you direct some of your excellent work to "outreach" to religious organizations and their leaders in particular, since you would have the expertise and background to gain an audience with them.

In any event, thanks again for all that you presently do.  It is very meaningful, and very helpful to lay persons like me who are trying to understand just how presumably "religious people" can justify certain of their actions and inactions.


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