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By Joni - 12 Feb 2014

Thank you, I read the article and it is very good.  I do apply these ideas every chance I can whenever interacting with others.  I guess I just want all my old friends to not avoid me since I am vegan and yes Christian.  I think that not sharing the same belief and understanding in regard to animals is what is so hard for me as a vegan to get through.  I want that all people stop hurting animals.

I have a neighbor I went and visited yesterday late in the afternoon.  She is recently widowed and lonely.  She has a dog and cats, so does love her companion animals.  I walk my dog by her house so she will come out to see me and my dog.  I invited her over to visit and she said she will.  I will  not bombard her with my vegan views but just show it in appropriate ways.  She does know I am vegan already.

Thanks for the encouraging words.


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