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By Karolin - 24 Feb 2014

Dear Frank and Mary,
I must ask you this, although I think I know the answer.
Are you sure there is "God" and he truly sees us? If so, how does he see us?
I have a strong feeling that my dog has heart failure. He was fine until a few days ago and now he has symptoms that suggest his heart very strongly. I have not confirmed it with his vet because it is the weekend, I am pretty sure of the diagnosis though.
The hardest part is that now I can't relax, it is always on my mind. Not only that, it is just me and the dog, there is nobody really to talk about it.
Have you ever gone through that?
Will God help and make this easy for me?
Why am I suffering? I think my dog suffers less than I do through this, although he is the one who is sick.
How do I handle it the best for my dog?   Do you think he knows what I am thinking?

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