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By Joyce - 2 Mar 2014


I am beginning to believe I am in the wrong religion.  Seems for Christianity in general, and you, too, the sum total of Jesus' commandment of love is to do no harm to your neighbor, and in your case our neighbors include all the animals.  If we do absolutely no harm, then, by golly, we've satisfied all the law and the prophets.  I'm sorry, Frank, but I disagree.  Quality love is so much more than merely removing the negative and is so badly needed in our world today - to help the animals, too.  So very much harm is being done perpetually - every second - for the lack of faithful nurturance and attachments.  Well, I am not trying to change your mind, Frank.  I think an awful lot of you, but I guess we are just on two different tracks here!! 

From Veda, I get the idea you don't even see my articles or know what I said.  She does it all now. 


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