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By Joni - 3 Mar 2014

I cannot believe what I see watching these videos of a dog rescued from slaughter in China, and it is so very difficult to believe that humans do these horrible things!  I am praying harder for the love of Christ Jesus to shine forth in the dark corners of this world.  The mission field is so huge.  These animals have no hope if we do not go forth and do all we can to save them from the sin and corruption of this world.  Why don't more Christians realize that the mission field also includes animals that suffer beyond belief!  I want all people to soften their hearts and walk in the love and light of Christ that brings God's holy will in all areas of our world. 

Thank you so much for your web site, without your postings I would have been insecure in my new life as a vegan.  Thank you!

In case you did not see the link it is:

God bless you,
Joni Letlow

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