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By Karolin - 14 Mar 2014

Dear Frank and Mary,
Why did God make us humans the way we are? He had the power to make us all good!
If a woman and her husband are expecting a baby and were given the power that God has, they surely would make their child good, healthy and caring.
Why didn't God make his children that way?
Why did he give us a choice when so many other creatures suffer because of that choice?
One time I asked him that same question.  I asked "why don't you change the evil?"
But I got no answer.
Then I asked "could it be that you can't change it right now?"
The answer was "that is true"
What does that mean?
I love God, he is my father and btw. the only father I have ever known. I know that he helped Eini that day when he was merely 5 minutes from being put to sleep. Maybe he helped me.
I know that he is present in my life and that he helps me often but why does he not help all of the other animals?
Being on facebook I see cruelty I did not think exists. I thought I know it all but every day something more cruel comes about. Many of us are sharing, fighting, praying and hoping and it gets worse despite every effort.
Why can't we all get together, all groups and form one giant group and go against evil. We would be millions of people and could accomplish this!
Why do we keep separate when we all fight for the same thing?
It is almost as we don't really want to change it, sort of like we are feeding of the misery of the animals. Like it gives us something to do!
If we were all serious, we would all unite! Peta, COK, Vegan Outreach, Mercy for animals, all the small groups and every single person!
Can we do that?
Lets do this because what we are doing is not least not soon enough.
What are your thoughts?
Thanks so much and may God always be with you....well he is!

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