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By Dot - 18 Mar 2014

Dear Frank, 

My minister asked, in a letter, what he should think of when he prayed for me, that letter went out to all parishioners. So I sent him a letter back asking him to pray for the animals for me. I sent him a copy of DO16 a position paper of the Anglican and Episcopal churches which prohibits suffering in factory farms and puppy mills. I told him that this document was ignored and I needed help to make people more sensitive to the plight of animals. I told him that it was first time in history that animals so suffered on such a grand scale. 

I just purchased your video, thank you for your quick response. I also asked my minister to have an awareness program on this subject and I'd supply materials. I also enclosed Why Vegan, and If You Like Meat- fliers. I somehow misplaced or handed out my CVA pamphlets.

Frank, I feel like Jesus in the Temple when he threw everybody out, I don't know why people keep their eyes closed, but they do- in particular church people, and it angers me and renders me useless.

I'm afraid I'll get disgusted when he responds and it'll so upset me that I'll leave the church again. So I'm writing to you as a man of God who knows and who shares so I won't be disappointed once again because I've gone through this process before, and again, just recently without any response, just a dismissal of the whole thing. 

But at least, Frank, if I got one minister to pray on behalf of the animals with his prayers for me, I might actually raise his awareness. 

Right? I don't think I can totally lose on this one. 

Pray for me, dear friend in Christ,


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