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By Alice - 27 Jun 2014

Hi Frank

I would help you but I do not know myself as my blogs provide all the share buttons.

I would suggest that you find someone to do this for you on Fiverr.  Pick someone carefully with lots of feedback and in England or the USA.  It ought to only cost you $5 to $15 in total.

I can help in this respect: You want a button that shares the whole site rather than just individual posts, which I didn't even see.

I think the perfect place for them would be across the top of the page, in a line, something like one of these.   If you were to ask me, personally I would go for some kind of combination of these perhaps the last two, with just one line of smaller text than is there, encouraging people to share, at the top right of the page over a line of buttons.

Then underneath that text a line of larger buttons with the more common shares, and underneath a line of different design smaller buttons with less used sites - as there are many of them now.  

You definitely ought to include PINTEREST which is the red pin it button but as many people don't know about Pinterest it is probably better to have the name in full.

Alternative you could just have one row of medium sized buttons, but I think to have a line of text at the top is important.

Facebook is massive - and so is Pinterest now - and although I only have 200 friends - between them they have around 200,000 friends and the number of friends that they would have - well it would run into tens of millions.  You may know that many are Christian too and many have Facebook ministries.



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