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By Joni - 13 Jul 2014

I want to share two very positives since I wrote to you this week.  I felt rather low and discouraged in regard to bringing my family to the message of being in the heavenly will of God and being vegan.

Since then, I have had very good news.

One:  the aunt in NE that has been so against me for being vegan and even stopped writing to me on Facebook and ignores me...well...her son ( my first cousin) and his wife and their three children visited her from where they live in Kentucky.  Guess what?  They are vegan!  My aunt wrote to my mom and said they will not eat meat or dairy and only drank almond milk.  My aunt wrote that she is worried they do not get enough protein.  I am certain they reassured her that they do get plenty.  I find this most interesting!  My cousin's wife is on my Facebook friends and maybe my postings got her looking into it.  I do not know this for sure but I think it may have.  I am thrilled for this news!

Two:  My youngest son called me last evening and he was heading to the grocery store.  He wants to eat like us.  So I helped him shop for the right foods as he was in the store via his cell phone.  He is wanting to live right!   This all since I wrote to you.  Thank you for your prayers and sermons and your web site.  I forwarded todays sermon to my son. 

I am so glad for these changes in my family.  It might just be the tipping point to get them all to live in the heavenly will of God!

Also the one Facebook friend that has been interested in being vegan is really changing in that direction  and now posts pictures of her vegan foods she is eating. 

All praise to the Lord!


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