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By Karolin - 25 Jul 2014

Hi Frank and Mary,
No wonder this world is so corrupt.  So I answered this Pastor back. He by the way speaks on the radio so many people listen to him and here is his reply:

But what about the Lord commanding them to celebrate Passover and the other sacrifices. Some of the animal sacrifices were given to the Lord and part to the priests to eat. God said to Noah that it was okay so I don't see the problem. I do understand your concern and if that is the way you feel you should not eat meat like I said. But again, you will not find in the Old or New Testament a command besides there in Genesis 1 not to eat meat and in fact we find the Lord telling us we can. Even Jesus celebrated Passover. Thanks again and even though we may not agree on this, keep searching the Scriptures because they testify of Jesus!

Now I really need your help in order to answer....or should I let it go?

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