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By Mary - 11 Aug 2014

Hi Frank...

I contacted 3 separate phone numbers to voice my opinion and others that feel the same as me and to no avail...I emailed and pleaded that his horrific, cruel event not take now I have had it with the church,...they are no better than a factory laugh at a living being, kick him etc. and use him as entertainment makes me sick to my stomach.  I have had it.  Where is God????  

If he is waiting to see some change for the good, I think he will have to wait forever because what I am seeing is getting worse by the day...I feel people stay up all night thinking of more cruel ways, if possible, to treat animals.  When is God going to put a stop to this...its not going to end on its own that's for sure...and you have asked me to keep believing but that belief has run out...He has to end this cruelty once and for all and if that means ending this horrible world, then I hope he ends it.


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