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By Mary 20 Aug 2014

Hello Frank,

Here I am bothering you again. 

I have to tell you that I must turn my back on God once and for all.  After this church held such a horrific event and all the people laughing and cheering while this poor pig was in the fear of his life and no help from God.  I can see free will when the odds are equal but all this violence against innocent animals who can't fight back is something I cannot understand why God would not intervene as they are so helpless.  They only know love; no evil in them at all like humans. 

This violence is getting worse by the day and he is not helping the helpless and innocent who cannot help themselves is just too much to handle.  I called the deacon of that church and the answering machine basically said the video was a big hoax...well, I told him I know what I saw, was crying and asking him what kind of a monster he was allowing this cruelty and went further, I was in such a rage, to tell him that why not, after all look at the cover-up of all the sexual abuse to young boys.  I will never enter a church fact, i wish I were dead because I JUST CANT STAND IT...I know so many people like you feel the same way but I can only speak for myself and my emotions are red raw and I know I am an empath and constantly feel the pain the animals are going through so why even want to live...I can't commit suicide, too much of a coward, but just want to be dead to escape all of this. 

I was going to stay off FB so I wouldn't have to see any of this but there are petitions to sign, letters to write and people to call, all of it I feel is worthless but I will continue.  My friends have disowned me; not for saying anything to them but crying uncontrollable all the time and when they ask what is wrong and I tell them the animals they think I am insane.  Sorry Frank but you are the only person in the world I can talk to.  I have already talked to God and told him he is no longer a part of my life and that is sad because I always loved him so much but to me, he is not a God of compassion at all.


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