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By Joni - 16 Sep 2014

I was listening to a Christian radio show where callers could call in and ask a question and the pastors would answer the question according to the Bible.  A 13 year old girl called in and asked if animals when they die go to heaven and whether there are animals in heaven (not from living here on earth and dying, rather created just for heaven).  I was very interested in their response.  They say that no where in the Bible does it say there are animals in heaven.  That the only mention of an animal is when Jesus comes on a white horse and that they felt was a vague reason some people think there are animals in heaven.  They said that God created humans in God's image and that is why we have an eternal spirit that will live in heaven unlike animals that are not made in God's image.  That they are created for us humans on earth to enjoy. 

I felt sad but not at all surprised by their response.  This young girl felt satisfied with their answer.  They mentioned that the Bible says that when an animal dies they just return to the soil.  I wish I knew the radio station and program  to look up on line.  It was a station I had not listened to before and was on my car radio.

What are your comments to what I have shared?

Thank you. 


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