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By Mary - 29 Sep 2014

Hello Frank,

Hope you and Mary are well. 

I went to a funeral mass today for a 19 year old boy who was killed in a car accident.  I found myself praying for all life and wondered why animals can be murdered and not even recognized as Life..just a meal and that after the funeral everyone, including the priest, was going out for drinks and a feast of cold cuts etc.I did not go.  I just find it ironic that a human's life and death is celebrated and the death of an animal by the hands of humans, is ok and even acceptable. 

I just wonder if there will ever come a time when people will realize that animals are the same as humans, just a different species.  I despise how arrogant we are to think we are so superior.  I did not have much sympathy for the boy who was happens, but I wonder if all the people who attended this funeral stood in line knowing they were going to be horribly murdered for no reason at all...perfectly healthy life going to their execution. 

I don't know Frank...I try so hard but I just don't know if God is ever going to stop this.  I am not being weak as I have to be strong for the animals but my heart is very heavy today at the arrogance of people who mourn the human dead and eat the other living species who have suffered the most and don't even get an acknowledgment of their life.


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