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By Karolin - 11 Nov 2014

Hi Frank and Mary,
Just checking in with two favorite people :)
I am doing good, better every day after Eini.   I speak often about you during discussions on Facebook.
Today was such a day. A friend who is an activist but does not believe in God was arguing back and forth with someone who debated that plants also have feelings.
Well, remember how you explained to me about neurons?  I used this and posted what you taught me in defense for my friend, backed up with genesis 1:29.  I also mentioned that you taught me that :)
My friend who usually gets upset when mentioning God said this "Will your pastor put that in writing?"   and I said "sure he will!"
He then said " wow, he is my kind of pastor then"
Frank and Mary, I am getting closer to God every day and it feels good to be back!
I hope you are doing fine as well......I miss our talks and hope that we will resume them.

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