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By Dot - 3 Dec 2014


Hope you are feeling well. Just wanted to drop a line of appreciation for all you do. 

I'm getting ready for the vegan coffee hour, serving healthy vegan food. 

They're doing a video of me telling my journey to veganism. 

I didn't want it to be about me, but they insist. 

The bonus is that our reverends belong to an ecumenical body and they're going to invite others to come. I'm preparing another packet to handout to them. 

So, it's good. 

They don't want to use the video I got through you, one that you were on with others.

So it's me. Eee gads!

Please pray that I do well.

It's finally happening, Frank, it's a bit of a breakthrough. 

As Mother Kathleen said, "It's time."


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