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By Abraham Rempel - 3 Feb 2015

Mr. Hoffman,

Several years ago, while writing a book, I came across your website. 

I read many of the posted articles there, particularly the one written by John Vujicic, “Did Abel or Cain Offer a Lamb in Sacrifice to God?” I was doing research at the time, and was not a vegetarian, let alone a vegan. Nor did I know that Veganism would be the conclusion of my book.

However, I was deeply convicted by Jeff Popick’s The Real Forbidden Fruit, and J.R. Highland’s God’s Covenant with Animals whom I quote in my book. 

Again, I had no idea how my book would conclude or that it would even have a conclusion. I was methodically dealing with issue’s in Science and Religion that I regarded as untenable and miss leading, in effect outrightly false. But as I wrote, the book seemed to take on a life of its own leading irrepressibility to a momentous conclusion: humans must return to a strictly vegetarian diet, and better yet a vegan diet. 

  I’m very grateful to your website, the two authors mentioned, and to John Vujicic with whom I corresponded. It gave my book a meaning and purpose that it might never have had otherwise.

That’s my main motive for writing you – to thank you. I’d also like to send you a copy of my book, or several copies if you would like. Perhaps you can click on the link below for a description of The Book of Nots at Friesen Press. Please let me know if your interested.

The other motivation is to promote my book on the off-chance that it might find a place at All-Creatures, perhaps a listing on your on-line books page. In any event, I want to support the invaluable work you are doing.

Thank you very much again,  

Abraham Rempel

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