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By Karolin - 29 May 2015

Hi Frank and Mary,  

I am doing good....still trying to figure things out but in a positive way. I know God has his hand in this because I am trying to live my life solely by him leading it....and so far so good.  

I miss our chats as well....A LOT....but I will make an effort to get back there.  

There was a time in which I did not feel much like talking to anyone, including my mom, although I never stopped caring :) I think I just had to process Eini's death. Although I know that it was all natural, I struggled with the idea of having had to put an end to his life (I think because he tried to bite the vet twice before administering the final shot, I sort of though and still think that he did not want to leave me)    This of course is history now, something that can't be undone....the mind is funny....isn't it?  

How are you doing without Veda?

Have you found a replacement?  

Have a wonderful evening.......I wish I could say "God bless you" but I know that he already has done so!!!!!  


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