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By Karolin - 11 Jun 2015

Hello Frank and Mary,
I am writing to get your opinion on this e-mail thread.   You see, the Vegan Fest is coming up and this church is one of the sponsors.
So I wrote to the senior minister to see if the church promotes meat during their outings, etc......
So Michael, the senior minister replied saying that he is NOT a vegan but that he forwarded my questions to Kelly Crocker who is vegan and leads the vegetarian/vegan group within the ministry.
So below this,  you will see my answer to him   (if you scroll further down you will see the entire thread)
In your opinion, was my reply correct or should I have worded it differently?     This church is right outside my work and seems to be promising, perhaps a place I can make a difference?
What do you think?   Am I wasting my time with Michael?
Thanks so much.

Karolin to Michael A. Schuler, Senior Minister 11 Jun 2015

Hello Michael,
Thank you so much for your speedy reply.
I will await Kelly Crocker's response but in the meantime I am hoping that you as well will consider adopting a more compassionate diet.  It would be a gift to God, a simple sacrifice for the one who loves his animals just as he loves us humans.
I don't mean to bother but if you will just take a minute to think about this:
God gave both, humans and animals neurons, therefore we both feel pain the same way. If you believe that our father is a loving God who intended us to eat animals, he would have never given them neurons as well because he would not want them to suffer.
Going back to Genesis 1;29 and his original intend,  the reason plants and fruits don't have neurons is because God told us that they would be our food, so in order for them not to feel pain, he left the neurons out see, God is so loving towards everything he created, he did not even want the plants to feel pain, he knew that we have to eat something.   His creation is really brilliant :)
Sorry to impose this on you but I feel that I have an obligation to the truth and to help eliminate the suffering.
Thank you so much for reading this.

Michael A. Schuler, Senior Minister to Karolin 11 Jun 2015

Hello Karolin,
Thanks for writing and for posing such an important question. Rather than attempt to answer it myself, I am copying my Associate Minister, Kelly Crocker, who is herself a vegan (I am not) and provides the primary staff support for the Vegan Fests and our Plant-Based Eating Group. I am sure she can respond to your inquiry.
Sincerely...Michael A. Schuler

Karolin to Michael A. Schuler, Senior Minister 11 Jun 2015

Dear Michael,

I saw that your church is a supporter of the Madison Vegan Fest and that prompted me to take a look at your church via your website.
I was disappointed not to find any mention of the importance between God and the food we eat.

I strongly believe what God told us in Genesis 1;29 holds still true today. He told us to eat a compassionate diet, which would not hurt his other creation, the animals.
Seeing that you support the vegan fest, does your church promote such a compassionate diet and host vegetarian and vegan foods during your picnic and outings?

I have been looking for a ministry such as that. A ministry teaching the TRUE word of God, one that loves and respects ALL living beings, which includes of course all animals as well.

Thanks so much.

Have a great day.


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