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By Dana - 12 Oct 2015

Hi Frank!

Wanted to update you on the conversation I had with the pastor at our church a couple of weeks ago. If you recall, I had challenged him via email on something he said in service about there being meat in heaven, and the following week he said from the pulpit that there is room for differences of opinion in the body and that there was never any justification for cruelty to animals. This led to a subsequent in-person connect.

Well, in our in office conversation that lasted an hour, here are some of the points that were brought out/discussed in our meeting:

-there are many others, like me, who recoil at personal remarks relative to meat-eating and being desirous of flesh, so I asked him to please refrain from these types of comments that could potentially distract from his main mission of leading people to Jesus. Also, I reminded him that there were those who are seekers and vegetarian - if they were visiting the church and heard meat comments, that could be the end of it for them wanting to come back to that church! He heard this and made a mental note about avoiding comments/overhead pictures, etc, that could offend those with differing opinion.

-I was able to affirm his leadership gifts, and then remind him that sometimes that leaders can use a bit of reminder to be engaging emotionally with others who are more 'feelings' based. He heard this.

-our point of agreement was that in the new earth - there will be no death or suffering, creatures will be as they were originally intended, and if there is any meat (his hope, he likes it) that it will be in such a way that will not be harmful and not cause suffering. whatever - that, of course, seems crazy to me, and I brought up point that why would God's final glory be any less than His original intent, which was all vegan?! but at least we concurred that when we are in the presence of God/new earth, that ALL will be right, no death, and we will all be in agreement!

-at all times, the conversation was not only civil, but welcoming. I found him to be kind, a great listener, respectful and engaging. He reassured me that I in no way offended him by my comments and suggestions and was in fact, appreciative and took them to heart.

-we will re-engage in a month or so - the subject of Jesus eating fish came up and I need to do more research on this. He said that Jesus did this to show the disciples that He was real, a person with a body - also why He told Thomas to touch His wound, etc. I would like to get your input on this - it seems clear, as I read the scripture, that He indeed, eat fish. And of course, many say that He ate passover lamb. Your thoughts?

I want to say, Frank, that you were an immense support in your writings and our conversation that led up to my meeting with pastor.

Thank you for your input! :) I look forward to hearing from you again.


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