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By Lorie Anne - 6 Feb 2016


I am a Vegan Christian who is hoping to develop more spiritually; the trouble is, the churches around here take the bible literally; I know our Lord, Jesus Christ, is a Vegan, God is a Vegan.  I had a spiritual experience that led me to this knowledge; actually He did.

Anyway, I am of sound mind, even though the above information may hint otherwise.

I will continue to browse your site, but I do want to make sure that you are Christians who are of the knowledge that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.  If not, I will still look around your site, but just be aware of your belief system.

Finally, can you tell me if you have a time/date of which your community pray for the well-being of all of the beautiful animals that are being exploited?

Warmest Regards,

Lorie Anne

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