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By Craig Cline - 11 Feb 2016

Dear Frank,

Thanks for getting back to me.  The main "difference" that I am suggesting is that we who are animal advocacy activists actually become "ACTIVE with the A.S.K."  

To my knowledge, an aggressive and continued "expectation" that Christians (especially) expand the application of "their" Golden Rule has not been done on any sustained basis in the past.

We've been quite soft and restrained in our approach, hoping that people of faith will see that to apply the GR to ALL sentient beings is spiritually justifiable, and should be done.

Softness has not worked, so I am suggesting that to A.S.K.the hard question is an approach that might work.  Because it has not been done before, we wouldn't really have anything to lose in trying it.

It is the case that certain campaigns have their origin in raising hard and controversial questions for public scrutiny, discussion, and action.  Martin Luther King's civil rights work comes to mind.  

Certain subjects just HAVE to be addressed rather than ignored, and he lit a fire under the civil rights question (which by rights really shouldn't have even been a question, just as the expanded application of the GR should not be a question).

And organizations like the CVA should lead the way with the 2.2 billion Christians, don't you agree?  

I'm just saying that we have for too long been too angelic on this matter, whereas some fire and brimstone appears to be called for at this time.


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