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By Craig Cline - 12 Feb 2016

Dear Frank,

Yes, I can certainly understand that you and CVA have had "only very few people accepting our message."

That's why I'm suggesting a different approach.  In the past, you have been very gracious and polite in how you put the vegan message out there; ideally for people to willingly accept.

While it generally held true that people respond better to positive messages than negative ones, it seems apparent that the use of positive messages and polite invitations for people to change has just not worked.

So I'm suggesting that the tone of the message be changed; that "religious vegans" A.S.K. "religious non-vegans" to change because it would be sinful to do otherwise.

The new message would say that their non-vegan lifestyle is an affront to the Golden Rule, and that it is, for this and other reasons that would be part of the newly formed message, unacceptable to God and Jesus.

Martin Luther King, Jr. tried to be "soft" with his civil rights message in the beginning.  However, he was politely ignored during that phase of his leadership.  It was when he became much more strident and demanding that people everywhere began to pay serious attention to what he had to say.

In moving from "soft" to "hard," MLK Jr. gained massive momentum -- and ultimately the decisive and proper change that followed it.

I'm hoping that the "religious vegan" community that you so wonderfully represent will see that if it keeps on doing what it has always done, it will keep on getting what it has always gotten.  

That is, "religious non-vegans" will continue to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the atrocities that they continue to commit against virtually all of the "other" sentient beings that their God placed on His earth in the days of Genesis.  Back toward Genesis we can go, but only by virtue of demanding that we go there. 

Might you ask Steve Kaufman if his organization will become brave enough to take a much more insistent and demanding approach to its "hope" that people will change?  If he and CVA and other animal advocacy activists aren't brave enough to take this route, the 2.2 billion Christians will continue to blithely ignore the expanded application of "their" Golden Rule, as they have so sinfully done in the past.


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