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By Craig Cline - 23 Feb 2016

Hi Frank, Steve, and Veda,

I'm forwarding this DxE blog because I think parts of it relate to what Frank and I discussed recently; about the need to ramp up the A.S.K. for people, and Christians in particular, to adopt a vegan lifestyle -- THE lifestyle that arguably is predicated and supported by the moral and ethical precept that Christians "own" -- the Golden Rule.

Note the comment below that "A passive vegan won't change anyone."  And that:  "To make change, you have to do something new."  And that :  Ideas must be driven by a good team (paraphrased).  And that:  To change the world, we have to think and act as INNOVATORS ( paraphrased/emphasis added).

What if CVA and all-creatures, and any other religious organizations of your choosing, got together as a TEAM and created a brave new action plan designed to A.S.K. Christians to change their behavior -- for Golden Rule related and other reasons?

Would it be helpful if you commissioned a study as to the efficacy of this approach from an organization like Che Green's "faunalytics"?  I ask because Steve has indicated that having empirical evidence would be helpful.  So if getting it from faunalytics or other sources jump starts the "Christian Campaign" to actually happen, I encourage you to, as the ad says, "Just Do It."  

Then we go from there -- bravely and quickly and insistently.


P.S.  I'm talking to Che Green on Thursday about some of the results of a recent faunalytics study on the motivations of current and former vegetarians and vegans, to clarify some of its voluminous info. in my mind.  I'm going to ask some "Christian questions, so let me know if you want me to ask anything from your perspective.


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