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By Craig Cline - 27 Feb 2016

FYI.  It seems to me that with the immense financial, political, and membership power of the HSUS, its "Faith Outreach" program, administered by Christian follower Christine Gutleben, should embrace a doctrine for veganism in order to best serve and protect the "God's creation" she references below.

I'm hoping that you may want to speak directly with her about this; and ideally Wayne Pacelle too.

2.2 BILLION Christians are still doing the "wrong" thing instead of the "right" thing when it comes to their (most typically indirect) use and abuse of the so-called food animals.  And their religion, together with the HSUS, tacitly permits their doing so.  

If an organization is indeed a "humane steward," can it be for anything less than the vegan lifestyle?  Is vegetarianism sufficient?  I think not, and I think you agree.

Someone should perhaps write a book about the fact that the great majority of Christians are in fact INhumane stewards of their one-and-only planet and most all the sentient creatures that live together with the human population -- or would like to live, at least.

Where's the extended application of the "Golden Rule" that the Christians "own"?  Religious leaders throughout Christianity should be asking this question.  But first, they have to be asked to ask it.  Hopefully, that is where such organizations as yours come in.

Thanks for what you do, but I must continue to ask that you do more.  We are actually still moving backwards rather than forwards; simply because the human population continues to expand exponentially. Therein lies the insoluble problem for the vast variety of "other animals" that humans eat -- led by the supermajority -- the Christians.


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