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By Chris - 20 Mar 2016

I'm not sure what else to add, but thank you. You can publish my letter if you want to.

I do want to ask one thing. What do you think of stem cell meat? The idea is that by taking stem cells, which are essentially cells that haven't yet received their "instructions" on what to grow into (or haven't done it yet), they can be grown into things like cow muscle tissue or chicken meat... without growing into the actual animal itself.

This can be seen as a good thing in that, since it's not an actual animal but literally just the meat that's eaten, no animal needs to be raised for food, and killed for food. Therefore, there is no animal kept in crowded conditions in a barn, force fed growth hormones, and so on. Since it doesn't grow any other parts, such as a brain, it doesn't think or feel fear, and without nerve endings, it doesn't feel pain. It's just meat.

PETA supports it, which I found interesting.

What do you think of this development? I personally think it's very positive. We just grow meat, don't have to raise and kill animals in order to do so, and we also grow the meat much faster, and ultimately cheaper, and can feed more people. I see only upsides and no downsides, although I can see why people might be disturbed by the idea of growing meat alone. Look up "stem cell hamburger" or "stem call meat" to see what's been written about it so far.


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