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By Laura - 5 Apr 2016


I stumbled upon your website today after doing an Internet search about Cafix, of all things.

I, too, am a Christian, more than 30 years!.  But I tell you, I am requesting prayer today please.

I was reading your article in the blog entitled, "Inner Feelings Should Lead us Heavenward".  But mine, don't I'm sad to say.  I love God and Jesus, yes, I do!

But the inner feelings I have toward my spouse are not from Heaven.  Oh, they lead me toward Heaven, to pray for him, and for myself, but these "unheavenly" feelings are hard to move!

The Lord has told me He is ready to heal me (as you probably can guess, I have chronic pain), but I supposed that I am the big stumbling block here, keeping me from receiving God's healing.

I sure would like my joy back, and good thoughts toward my husband of nearly 30 years.  Will you please pray that I'll let God do His work in me?  If I knew your phone number I'd call you and ask for prayer!

Thank you for being bold and posting your sermons and articles on the web.  That's very bold of you.



A Sister in need of freedom.

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