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By Laura - 6 Apr 2016

Thank you!

I have a chronic headache. 24 hours/day, for 11 years. After about three years of expecting God to heal me, I began to lose faith that He would. I started clenching my jaw at night and have been ever since.

I have stopped-up sinuses, too. My tongue cleaves to the roof of my mouth as a sort of counter-pressure against the pressure in my head.  Oh, I started knitting about 6 months prior to the onset of the headache.  I led a ladies' group at church and we made knitted/crocheted blankets for the local Linus Project group.

Once, I did give up dairy, caffeine, sugar, nuts for three weeks. The headache improved, but never went away totally.

I now eat lots of organic vegetables. I've only just this morning gave up hot tea/coffee.  I went to Whole Foods at lunch and bought Cafix and an Internet search led me to your website.

Husband and I are mostly vegetarian, as he just recovered from liver surgery due  to colon cancer that had migrated to his liver. In January, 40% of his liver was removed and, as of 8 weeks afterwards, it has entirely grown back!  God is Good.  

But I seem to be consistently disappointed in husband and I know this is wrong. He's a teetotaler, but I only have some alcohol during a family get-together or holiday (3-4 times per year).

We met in church, we love going to church, we host dinners for church members.  Why am I not happy?

I started working for local school district 14 years ago and it has been extremely stressful although I do have a bookkeeper job with my own office now instead of being the school secretary in the main office.  So that helps. I can retire in 6 years.

Husband and I have a lovely daughter serving God who is about to graduate from college.  She's never given us any problems. 

Husband is a good man, but he is stressed out a lot and is a perfectionist.

I'm just feeling the pressures of life and work. 

I'm glad to hear your health issues went away when you became vegan. I like the word "healthful"  because many vegans are not very healthy, are they!  I'm not sure I can adopt that lifestyle 100%, because I would need to supplement.  I did buy some Braggs amino acids yesterday to help get enough of those in my diet.

Thank you both for taking time out for my little note and praying for me and my husband. 

Blessings to you both!


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