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By Janine - 20 Apr 2016

Dear Frank,

Heavenly Truth has an origin that stems from the Hebrew translation of the word "Truth" which is Emet.

I have meditated on this word, while researching and praying for insights and wisdom and guidance from G-d. It is well known that the modern-day Hebrew language had been influenced by Aramaic, the language which Rashi annotates the Bible in, and certain prefixes and suffixes have significant meanings...

I firmly believe, Frank, that the word Emet, could have originally come from:

Al - Met.

Which means, 


When words get "squeezed" together, certain consonants disappear, for it is difficult to pronounce...

The "L" therefore, having dropped, would leave the word as:

Amet, which then adapted into:



Life and truth have a "co-existence" of sorts… What do I mean by that?

Well, thinking about the connection between truth and not dying, what can we deduce, Frank?

The implication, is that in order to live, we foster truth, or we simply die, or cause death to happen. 

The conclusion is that in order to extend life, we need only believe in Heavenly Truthfulness at all times.

Many deaths cannot be explained in physical realms from documented illnesses, because that only looks to the symptoms. Killing also cannot be condoned particularly if it is "explained away" or excused because of un-truthfulness, lies, or propaganda, "In-the-name" of whatever the untruth might be...

However, when thinking about the connection between spiritual truth, which is Heavenly Truth, and looking to the present tense, the person who believes in truth and is living life in itself, the "present tense" in which we feel we are existing because we are alive-in-truth, we "see" truthful facts the way the actually manifest without distortion, realize what is really apparent and happening, and right before our eyes in the here-and-now, and realize that the total sum force of all life is the manifestation of these Heavenly Truthfulness about our existence, Frank, in this same way, it is, therefore, believed, on the same level, that un-truths lead to death of the spirit, and that spills over to death of the body… 

Make sense? Hope so!

May we live long, and believe in Heavenly Truth, Amen!!!



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