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By Janine - 9 Aug 2016

Dear Frank,
Great Skype-communicating with you, yesterday! Thanks for your time, and it was wonderful also meeting Mary!
You have a marvelous place, and very am happy you are able to enjoy the shady surroundings with so many splendid aspen trees, which is indeed such a blessing!!! The air we breathe is enhanced by oxygen producing foliage and enjoying fresh air, cool breezes, and sunshine is a miraculous graceful act of G-d!
Am grateful we can enjoy nature, and understand its significance. I pray we shall continue to care for our environment, ecology and splendid cultures sharing humane ideals of vegan views worldwide, getting closer and closer to abiding by G-d's will, doing the right thing, while pursuing true justice!
A friend of mine has a daughter who was disenchanted with religion when her late Mother Of Blessed Memory passed away from cancer when she was still in her teens... and he wishes to try to "get her" to become impassioned, once again, and start believing in G-d (she married an atheist also) but he has ulterior motives since she's expecting a baby which will be probably his only grandchild and he wants this granddaughter to follow in HIS footsteps, when it comes to HER religious beliefs, but I doubt he can force his will upon the parents, they're free to bring her up as they see fit... why do we always seek to change other people's ways, who might not be willing to open their eyes up to the truth, on their own? Any advice?
In my case, I simply accept my son's lack of belief in G-d but am trying to understand him better, and be there for him when he needs me to listen and be kind and compassionate. I think that's G-d's way...
Thanks for your advice! I appreciate your wisdom, Frank.

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