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By Janine - 9 Sep 2016

Dearest Frank and Mary,

Heart-felt Kindest Greetings to both of you, and thanks for making such an AWESOME team, and for moderating all of these controversial issues, such as procreation/abortion, with such Humane understanding!

This may sound irrelevant, but communication per se, I believe, is very much a "work in progress."

How so? Well, it's simple...

Take for example the


(if you're a Star Trek Fan, then probably you'll remember the term above (communicators) which was seen on the TV series Star Trek, well before cell phones were developed) when they used these little communicator devices to communicate with the Star Ship Enterprise to let Scotty and the ship's crew know when it was time to be beamed up) and similarly, in some other TV Star Trek shows there was something else also invented (not sure exactly the name) but possibly, this additional device may have been another useful tool, and maybe it was a

"Universal Translator?" Does this term ring a bell, Frank?

This was allegedly to allow communication between humans, and humanoid-extra-terrestrials...

Here's how the notion that "communication is STILL a work in progress" comes into play, Frank:

If such a device were possible on Star Trek, like the "communicator" which became finally the mobile telephone we never dreamed would actually become a reality, then most likely there will be progress made to invent such an electronic marvel to work like this "Universal Translator" so as to communicate with non-human animals, sentient beings who are our fellow animals, but are also just those "other" species on our own planet (we humans are an animal species as well)...

Some human-animals believe life exists on other planets, (maybe those life forms might be more like another non-human-animal type of species) and it is just that we just haven't discovered it as of yet... the universal communicator will come in handy at that point.

Now, there will come a time when this will be crucial, for who knows, at present we are taking for granted our ability to bear children, but any horrible catastrophe, possibly happening (nuclear and/or bombs with chemical/biological warfare, and who knows what else) that might make humans sterile and seek new vibrant more "virgin" worlds not yet destroyed by humans...

The point of all of this is that if we did have such a Universal Communicator we'd be better equipped to deal with animal-rights issues, giving the non-human animals a "voice" (through this communicator) to state their appeal in person, rather than to just rely on humans to guess and act on their behalf! We'd really be able to get their points of view then, wouldn't we?

But would we wish to "listen?" Once we understood their real stance on the issues of their own existence? What if some non-human animals' lives were thought to be more precious than human-animal lives?

Most societies hold that human-animals be saved prior to non-human life forms, if the choice were presented in most cases, but we don't currently have the ability to really communicate in other species' language and are often ignorant of their true feelings...

Here's an even more "advanced" thought, but don't be quick to judge the following because even non-animal plant entities have feelings, by the way, and all vegans and vegetarians actually disregard that element by claiming to take in nourishment only from the plant kingdom, (avoiding eating from the animal kingdom) which is in a way, also discriminating against the plant kingdom, in favor of the animal kingdom, in a way, if you realize that species are not only restricted to animal kingdom, for G-d created animals and also plants even though in Genesis it is clear to many believers who are also raw vegans that we were designed to be fruitarians/vegans from what we understand from Genesis, hold this thought, and consider the following, Frank:

However, what if we were to delve even deeper than what we've found to be Truth and look at even more compassionate possibilities we hadn't even thought about yet, Frank?

Take, for example, in contrast to those on the spiritual path of living as fruitarians and vegans, looking towards those human animals who are living breatharians, getting all of their nourishment in a spiritual form, respecting all forms, from the Animal Kingdom, (not eating them) AND EVEN from the Plant Kingdom, and appreciating G-d energy and channeling this nourishment from G-d and seeking TRUTH and admiring all of G-d's creations (even celestial bodies like the shining energizing rays of sunshine beaming down from above according to G-d's will, placed in the Heavens) and many finding their path to G-d by studying, reading, and understanding the true Will of G-d by reading the Bible, and praying and breathing the air (hopefully it won't be too polluted) and who are more in-tune with nature than possibly religiously raw vegans... you might not be that familiar or not have met and/or communicated with such breatharians but I HAVE and can attest that they DO exist and many pray, and are remarkable souls, indeed... am not saying for an instance that we ought to all take veganism a step further and become breatharians, but am just using this example as a way of understanding that there is a real difference (spiritually) between Animal Kingdom and Plant Kingdom because both Kingdoms are full of species of living entities, whether they grow from the ground as plants (and mostly don't "move") or those species that are from the animal kingdom are "raised" (or live in the wild) and move around on their own...

Now, to get back to the Star Trek invention, for if this Universal Communicator were to be fine-tuned so as to be able to be used not only with the Animal Kingdom but the members of the species of the Plant Kingdom, as well, we might discover that the plants don't like being "terminated" as living organisms, when they are sentenced to die when being picked for food by human-animals, just as much as animal species dislike being murdered, killed, or slaughtered by human-animals...

Well, surely you might have heard that some Torah-Observant Orthodox breatharians use Biblical quotes to justify their reliance on G-d's ability to nourish in other forms that do not come from the orthodox traditional method of chewing and swallowing and digesting into usable calories for energy from "normal" types of food, (whether from animal OR plant derivitives) but from G-d-given nourishment absorbed in ways most human animals find incomprehensible, but those who are living proof that breatharianism does in fact exist, and they live without even the plants or liquids (not even water) for they have mastered Divine closeness to G-d on a spiritual level, that they truly are exhibiting non-species types of behavior not only towards the animal kingdom and its varied species but the plant kingdom as well with all the plant species, and not harming any sentient being, be it from animal OR of plant source... and bear in mind that in a catastrophe, such as mentioned earlier on, as above, not only would animal species be incapable of reproducing, but the seeds of plants would be sterile, as well!

Hope this message does not sound too "Doomsday" like but procreation is a G-dly topic and breatharians would be the ones capable of advocating change is possible, and it's time to realize how important it is to get closer to G-d one way or another because time is running out and there are things beyond human-animal's control and G-d saves, if we abide by Divine Will and compassion is a divine attribute we are to emulate!!!


With Love Always,

Hugs, Smiles, Laughter,

xo xo


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