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By Phil - 5 Oct 2016

Pastor Frank:

Thanks for posting the information about the Creature Conference in London, UK.

I am not the only person from North America who is in the process of deciding on whether or not to attend.  I certainly want to.  This conference will, I believe, be valuable for promoting long-term activity within churches to protect God's creatures. 

It would be great to have a large contingent from North America.  Not only would they leave the conference better prepared, but Christian in the UK would, no doubt, be encouraged in their own actions by the commitment shown by those who travelled a considerable distance.  

The location of the conference is not far from two locations of significance to vegetarianism in reformed churches.  Both the chapel and museum of John Wesley and the Metropolitan Tabernacle, where Charles Spurgeon preached, are nearby.  Both of these leaders practised a vegetarian diet.  I hope to visit both locations.

Best regards


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