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By Rob - 27 Oct 2016

Dear Frank, Mary and Veda,

Thank you for all that you do. 

Our Church, The Humanitarian Church, is a recent addition to your beautiful site, thank you very much for listing us. Everyone I have shared the page with has commented about how wonderful your site is.

Please accept my invitation to and yours to visit our private beach in Sandwich, Ma anytime you would like. If you ever need a place to congregate, meet or just want a day at the beach you are more than welcome and I hope that you accept this invitation and come utilize or visit our beach one day soon. If you want to stop by, just put 195 Phillips Road, Sagamore Beach into Maps and just as you are about to arrive there you will see on your left a free public parking lot, park in the lot, walk out the board walk towards the ocean, when you get to the beach, walk to the right three houses to the beach infront of the lot with no house and you have arrived. The beach is clearly marked in the summer but in the off season this is the way to find it. Any of your friends and family are welcome anytime.

Very truly yours,

Pastor Rob

The Humanitarian Church  

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