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By Sean - 21 Nov 2016


Like all of us, I have my likes and dislikes, but I try not to like these things to the point where I’d say they’re sacred.

Of all thrills in life, the ones I crave are: 3-D movie theatres and these fast park rides. What with me being in the Asperger’s spectrum, my dad bought a home for me and another guy with the same basic diagnosis, arranged residential rehabilitation aids to both drive me places and aide us with day-to-day chores and job coaches for each client. In fact, the business is LIFE (Living Independently Forever Incorporated) I can be my own man, but not always. The staff arranged 10 hours a week of free time and I’d often save them for a weekend at the movies, preferably 3-D. Parks are another matter altogether, no matter how thrilling those fast thrill rides are. I can’t be there all hours if there’s a small amount of my “free time” left. Most movies I go see doesn’t have much to do with who’s involved, it’s just the experience with the 3-D glasses.

I try not to be zealous over those in the cast or behind the scenes no matter how commendable they can (or can’t) be.



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