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By Janine 23 Jan 2017

Dear Frank and Mary,

Today we had flash floods (rare for sunny southern California) and the mountains and fog/mist and low clouds were quite picturesque and wonderful.The sight is more usually like the one below: 

With patches of brightness from the sun shine, and amazing views around the horizon,

but today it was barely possible to see well enough to drive, so much rain, and falling so swiftly and strongly...


...and then I remember being up in New England and singing in a choir, at Northeastern University, (where I was a high soprano singer) one of the pieces we sang was by Mozart and it was very beautiful and magestic, called Miserere (beginning with G-d have mercy on me...) taken from this same segment and realizing how mesmerizing this piece was!

Do you see validity to the following interpretation of David's lament, Frank?


I have put thee away from my presence by forgetting thee,

but put me not away from thy presence. I have been filled

with an unholy spirit, but oh!

...take not thy Holy Spirit from me.






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