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By Janine - 24 Jan 2017

Dear Frank and Mary,

YES, this is so very, very, very, very important...

Wanted to share with you that I am quite often asking G-d for His Holy Spirit to enter me, at least once, every day, consciously, for it is one of my prayers, (after taking a deep breath, said with eyes closed)... in addition, I also ask the same of G-d when communicating when the animals are at rest, with the pets, since we know they each welcome G-d's Holy Spirit like WE do, correct?!? 

Have been talking on the telephone so far nobody I've asked is willing to add to the Friedman fund, but again, I knew that it will take an incredibly huge amount of "no"s to get to the "yes'es" and am not discouraged... keeping up the good intentions and am trying to stay focused!




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