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By Janine - 13 Jul 2017

Dearest Frank and Mary,

WOW this is the most profound statement I've heard in my life!

"You can usually discern what things are against Godís heavenly will, and dismiss them from your life, which leaves you with the things that are of God."

GO with the flow, and dismiss everything that is not G-d's heavenly will for me to and then fill in the blanks, whatever applies, whether it is: [to be "absorbed" with?] or ["involved in"?] or perhaps ["tied up with,"] or even [in a relationship with?] I am at the stage where I'm questioning so many things, that it is difficult to decide even one thing, let alone look at all of the things all at once for that is quite overwhelming, and all I can do, therefore, is take it "one step at a time" and hopefully eventually I'll get better and better at examining each situation for its own merit and deciding whether it's G-d's will, or not!

Any help in doing this, please, Frank and Mary? It seems "simple" yet how will I "know' instinctively, are there "clues" or "signs" or "pointers" or is it just "common sense?" I seem to be lacking in that, at present, while in recovery for the T.B.I. and getting music therapy sessions, composing melodies, to heal my brain and "stretch" the "muscles" of my brain so to speak, to have better mind clarity and be able to think more clearly, and "see" things the way they really and truly are, hear the word of G-d and understand the ways and no what to do and what not to do and what to say and what not to say, and so on and so forth, which is SUCH a challenge!!!


Hugs, Smiles and Laughter,


xo xo


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