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By Charlotte - 5 Jan 2018

I really like your FB page and the message that you bring to all.  I didnít realize, until today, that you are religious site.    Today I viewed the dog being tortured for over three hours by the Chinese PO.  While I read the article and then watched I said to myself (as I cried,) this is why I donít believe there is a God.  The first thing I wanted to say is Dear God, why do you let this happen?  Then I realized, I canít believe in a God.  I donít believe in a God.  Hours later, I'm still cry about this video and all of ďGodísĒ beautiful creatures.  When I use the word God, I use it as a word for spiritual purity, beauty and free from all that is evil.   I just donít know how to make any sense of this.    I read on your site that you follow the Judaeo/Christian teachings of animals.  I grew up Catholic and there was a whole lot of meat eating going on.  Are there churches that follow a vegan diet?  Iím really curious.  Thank you for taking my inquiry.


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