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By Cheryl - 7 Mar 2018


My name is Cheryl Elkinton.  Soon, I will be changing it to Elkington, thinking that it is meant to be.

I own a non-profit in Wisconsin,called Vegan Haven Central, Inc. I am a 501(c)(3) Public Charity. I do not have a working foundation for myself. I am self directed (non-member).

I think it is time to start symposiums, to see at least, if all vegetarian churches can come to terms together, with a definition to the term, "Holy Trinity".

To answer this myself,

I believe Jesus had a physical father, and this is the father. I believe that Jesus is taught to have been the son. And that the holy spirit is either him as a resurrected human, and/or the common experience of the love and grace that ultimately, their little village, taught, produced by their group called Apostles.

To direct toward your website. I believe plants move. I do not believe that any sane God would direct white,(non nappy-haired) humans to eat meat. If this is the innuendo,please be careful to try to make up for this possible damage. I know Bob.  He tries real hard to be a nice person.

To make it easier, and in your own language, if you want to send me some bible passages,I will be happy to try to redefine them for you.  Again,I do not believe anyone,having knowledge would direct any people to eat what is not good for them, and viceversa.

If there were so many problems on the boat,at least he waited until it landed, to cause the insurrections that they were at that time in history. How evolved do we expect they were,4,5,6--? thousand years ago?

It's debatable, to say,that a religion is right to enforce,without proper understanding of another, whom they think and possibly and can prove, are wrong. But at the same time, if the one is wrong and there must be compassion in order to help them define right, and to admit right, and to find that there is hope for change,then it should be.  If it can be,than it shall be,that if black people need a different diet, then let it be. Someday, after all our fears will calm,everyone,other animals after we've establishing what is right for whom,(inhuman diets), it might be that black people, even those with nappy hair now,can change to something close and who knows? They might have plans and need to get past the stigmatism first, in order to bring themselves their events. Experimenting on diet is still legal for American families. It is the only way any of us find out any thing and always has.  It is currently a vehement subject.  Many white people are afraid to raise their families as vegetarians, even though it is healthiest, leaving those that do, a target for aggression and disgrace, caused by ignorance, pain, and need for change, while we, try to live simply within our Constitutional rights. It won't work to live right unless you can be expected to live right for it all, until it all is. It is an unreasonable expectation, but the pain of this imbalance in our culture must be all that much severe, if it must remain against us.

I have known these things for a while. I would like to have some input and help in the planning stages of symposiums abroad. As you can see,I am not the best speaker for this subject. I would not know how to first address the public gently with it, so that the meaning can be digested,while upheaval and hopelessness can subside.

I hope I have cleared up any misunderstandings. If you would please let me know if you will help at all, I see all list going of organizations of Christian religions that are vegetarian. I am only one person. I can only do so much on my own.

Please reply.


Cheryl Elkinton

Vegan Haven Central,Inc.

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