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By Janine - 12 Jun 2018

Dear Frank and Mary,

Thank you for cautioning me not to go "overboard" as I often have a tendency of doing which puts people off! Everyone is at whatever spiritual path they've chosen for themselves at any point in time, right? Were you vegetarian before you became vegan, and what was it that convinced you to take your vegetarianism to the "next level?"

Granted, if someone is already vegan, then that is much better than being only a vegetarian, and if it's not only as a "dietary vegan..." 

Also, as you so carefully pointed out, following all the aspects of a true VEGAN lifestyle, would entail not only concerning the forms of nourishment that we put inside our bodies, but nourishment outside of our bodies (creams tested on animals nourish the skin from the outside and get absorbed into the cells of our body including, possibly, our blood system which can affect not only us negatively from a health point of view, but naturally contributes to the suffering of animals, which vegans are against from a sense of compassion)...

The tradition I was mentioning already of those "nine days" only, is a "step in the right direction" for all of those who observe it. My goal, as a "campaigner" is to possibly try to figure out how to get those who already are more "open" to following the vegan lifestyle to its fullest lifestyle, from all perspectives, (in other words those who "get it" to understand that there are options in life that one can follow, emulating others who have succeeded. It might be frightening if they have preconceived fears)...

Putting "mini-goals" that lead to bigger goals sometimes makes it easier. If someone is vegan for just one day, or does some sort of a spiritual fast, then they realize that they can take it one step at a time, and increase day-by-day to adjust... 

It would certainly be wonderful to see those who have successfully adopted the 9-day option to then consider living in this manner for longer periods of time until it becomes the norm for them, and they can sustain this lifestyle! 

The 21-days, is, according to some experts, the "ideal" length that it takes for a new habit to become a lifetime consistent practice (not sure why, but there is something significant about those three weeks allowing the body to adjust) and those who have been vegetarian for about seven years find it easier to switch over to a vegan diet than going cold turkey (excuse the pun!)

Being vegan for health reasons is a duality. It's not only for one's own health, but for the "health of the chicken" to quote someone (not sure who said it) but it was quite funny when it was received by a receptive audience, who laughed out loud! Also there are so many additional benefits to us directly, and then also indirectly, such as to the earth we live on by switching over to becoming vegan, which I don't need to list because you already know, certain things besides fostering world peace, like ecology (avoiding climate change or reducing it), environment (avoiding extinction of species or decreasing it), hunger, and many other such reasons because we don't live in a "vacuum" and this pertains to overcoming humans' GREED as you put it in another email, which makes so much sense! Here's an interesting Biblical source: Deuteronomy 16:20

"Righteousness, righteousness you shall pursue, so that you may live in the land G-d is giving you" 

The tone, of this narrative, from what I understand it (as a vegan) is that we don't own the land we live on (even if we have a deed to it) because the land really is G-d's, and we are "privileged" to be living in the land, which should be considered by us to be as if it is a gift that we should cherish, which is why the reminder that we should PURSUE righteousness (and this word appears TWICE in a row, meaning it is emphasized) and be sure to be very righteous in how we care for this land. Right? What do you think of this verse, Frank? Does this apply to caring "stewardship?"




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